How it started

A small boy was told that he could have anything he wanted if he did well at school. So he did very well indeed! So what did he ask for? A computer, a game console or new phone? No. He asked for a small fish tank.

So he got his first first tank at 10 with two little fancy tail fishes.

So the journey started. Like any beginner, he had to face the path of sorrows and sadness of loosing his aquatic friends on numerous occasions. Fishes were dying for no reasons. Goldfishes with life span of least 20 years will not make two days in his tank.

Like everybody, he went crying for help to the people who sold him the fishes 'THE PETSHOPS'. Each time he came home, he would have new fishes and more medications, waters treatments. Yet the fishes kept on dying.


It is personal

We all have MFT syndromes

You have heard of MFT syndromes. It is very common with fish tank owners. And some of us have got it to a serious degree. 

What is MFT? You are asking, it is the complusion of wanting or owning multiple fish tanks.

Most of us at SA Aquatic have it and as we cannot many fish tanks, we treat your tank and take care of it as if it was our own.  

Equipment - Simply the best

We always use equipment; filters, heaters, pumps and light units from long established and reputable manufacturers.

If we do not believe in them, we will not put it or use it in your fish tank. Last thing you want is to lose your precious aquatic friends because of a cheap brand equipment failed to perform.

Knowledge and research

Let mix some cocktails and see what happened! We do not that at SA Aquatic. We identify the problem, tackle to the source, eradicate it and ensure it does not come back.

In our spare times, most of our team are doing research or finding out about new technologies  about efficient lightings or environmentally friendly medications or solutions.

At the petshops, their tanks were in all their splender and their fishes were displaying all their colours and glory. When asked how come their tanks were so beatifully kept, they always respond with expensive advices i.e. not so cheap equipment, super expensive lab test and medications.

Fed up of making expensive mistakes and mostly loosing his fishes constantly, he made his way  to the library and broaden his knowledge via the web. It was at that moment he realised, the answer was simple. The fishes needed an environment that should be close to the natural habitat.

Putting his new found knowledge into practice, he was, not only successful in breeding ornamental fancy goldfishes , but now he was helping his friends in keeping successful fish tanks. That was the start of SA Aquatic, where experienced aquarists joined forces to help individuals and organisations to keep healthy fishes.