Affordable aquarium and fish tank cleaning and maintenance services in London

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Maintenance of visual presentation of aquarium(s)
On each visit the aquarium will receive a full clean to remove all marks, debris, and algae from inside including a full vacuuming of the gravel.

Servicing of Filtration, lighting and heating systems
To ensure the smooth running, all the equipment associated with aquariums will be serviced and cleaned on each visit. Also all settings and the functioning of the equipment are checked before leaving.

Monitoring and partial water changing
Toxins and filter by-products build up in the water within the aquarium. During each visit a water change will be carried out to dilute these levels and introduce fresh water plus nutrients.

Guarantee and replacement service for equipment, accessories, and livestock
Any deceased livestock that is removed will be replaced on the next visit free of charge! We may also remove any unhealthy livestock if necessary. The only other time we remove livestock from the aquarium is if they grow too large for their environment. In which case smaller specimens will be introduced in their place. We also guarantee to replace any faulty equipment associated with the aquarium that we installed.

Maintenance of Decor
Any decor that has faded through time or has become unsightly will be removed from the aquarium and replaced free of charge!

Administration of all medications and treatments
Any livestock requiring medication will be treated and monitored. For more serious conditions livestock will be removed from the aquarium for more intensive treatment and replaced free of charge.

Ongoing supply of fish food
Where required and where compatible, aquariums are supplied with automatic feeders and are refilled every month to ensure livestock are well fed. Where it is not possible to install these feeders or where they are not required, daily food portions will be provided.

See our maintenance packages for more details

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